Market Me Social - A People Driven Business

Market Me Social is an Atlanta based digital marketing agency. We founded the company back in 2014.  It started out as more of a side business but has quickly grown into a full-fledged agency.  We are a small,  family-owned business with directors from corporate level backgrounds.  That background has enabled us to connect on a much more personal level with our clients.

MMS Jonathan Saar

Jonathan Saar

Lead Nerd

Whether it’s the newest digital resources or marketing best practices, Jonathan takes the lead in educating and instituting the right tools for his team and clients.

Dilyn Paul

Virtuoso of Video

Video is a must for any company’s marketing plan. Dilyn focuses on the details to create seamless and entertaining content.

Renée Saar

Design Maven

Digital design is an ever-evolving challenge. Utilizing UX design principles is a must. Renée’s technical skills partner beautifully with her exquisite eye for design. 

Taryn Arsenault

Conversation Architect

Taryn is always ready to chat. She can help you drill down exactly what your company is looking for and plan for success.    

Allexus Bio Pic

Allexus Saar

Community Content Coordinator

The girl that keeps us all organized. Allexus is the dotter of “i’s” and crosser of “t’s” to make sure every last detail is done right.

MMS Headshots Jade

Jade Arsenault

Resident Teenage Consultant

Having a teenager on staff is like having a secret weapon. Jade keeps us up to date with all the latest trends and programs while completing her education in web development and securities.

Simply Taking Care Of Your Business

The reason why so many marketing initiatives fail is that of the “one and done” approach.  A company tries something new because the pitch sounds great and you as a business owner want what everyone wants….more business.  

Digital marketing is certainly dynamic. Platforms and algorithms are in a constant state of flux. These are items that Market Me Social spends hours of research every week to keep in tune.  That research then gets passed on to our clients with best practices recommendations.  

We invite you to get to know how we educate our network. Connect with us on socials or if you are interested in talking to us about how we can help your marketing strategy become more consistent and sustainable, feel free to contact us today.


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