Cell phone that is logged into the newest social media trend Clubhouse. But is it all hype?

Clubhouse – All Hype?

It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new social media outlet available. The latest, however, is a welcome change to the norm. But how do you get in, and once you are there, what can you expect? Join us as we chat about our first impressions of Clubhouse and see if you think it’s worth all the hype.

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How To Score a Clubhouse Invitation

Marketing brilliance at its best. How do you get people scrambling to try your product or service? Make it “Invitation Only”.

Here is the breakdown of how to score the elusive Clubhouse invitation. Download the app. Sorry Android users – currently only available in the Apple store. Set up your profile and allow it to access your contacts, sit back and wait, and wait, and then wait some more. 

The only way you can get in is if someone in your contact list has an invitation to spare. And by spare, I mean invitations are about as easy to come by as getting a drill sergeant to crack a smile. Again, marketing gold.

What’s It Like on the Inside?

Once in, you can start to explore and determine for yourself the answer to the question, “Clubhouse: Is it all hype?” You can begin to follow people as well as topics of interest. Join a room or create one of your own. The options are pretty staggering. You can find rooms related to your industry, alongside makeup tips and book clubs.  

What About Privacy?

Privacy is a huge trigger word nowadays. Clubhouse has had a few hiccups, which is to be expected for a start-up. Overall though, they have done a great job of not overreaching when it comes to data collection.

Clubhouse states that they do record every room solely to be able to investigate any harassment claims. They state that the recordings are only held for a short time and then deleted. 

There have been reports of people recording the sessions, which is a violation of Clubhouse’s user agreement, and they are trying to address this. Like any other social media outlet, a good rule of thumb to follow: If you don’t want it out there, keep it off social media. 

When we were discussing this, we likened Clubhouse to the hallway chat at tradeshows. You are in between seminars or training sessions, and you grab that cup of coffee with fellow professionals. Those unforgettable networking moments; intimate, one-on-one, or with a small group. You can expect the same amount of privacy on Clubhouse as you would during these conversations.

How Does Clubhouse Benefit My Business? All Hype?

Clubhouse is not a sales-driven platform, which is a welcome change from other outlets. You will not be inundated with sales pitches or cute cat pics. This may lead some to wonder what the value is or how Clubhouse could benefit their business if sales are not allowed.

Clubhouse provides a space where you can network with people in your industry and grow your knowledge base. This has been difficult of late due to Covid and one of the reasons I think Clubhouse has gained so much popularity. 

There is more to business than sales. Networking is a critical factor for most successful companies. Clubhouse is providing a place where you can grow both professionally and personally. How could that not be a benefit to your business?

The Future of Clubhouse 

Clubhouse is still in beta, but so far it has proven to fill a very much-needed demand. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and the others still have their place. But to have a learning/networking-focused place to go with no distractions is both timely and welcome.

They plan to expand to Android soon, which will only help grow its reach. As far as the invitation-only, I kind of hope they keep it. I know it won’t last forever, but my inner child enjoys the playfulness of it all. 

On first appearance, Clubhouse does live up to all the hype, but we will continue to explore this latest social media app and “invite” you to do the same!

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