Interview with Jonathan Saar - Unscripted and Socially Simple-Jonathan on his phone smiling.

Interview with Jonathan Saar- Unscripted and Socially Simple

Many of you know Jonathan professionally. But do you know what drives him to excel in his chosen profession? I convinced him to sit down with me and talk about how he got into the industry and his goals for the future. Please enjoy an interview with Jonathan Saar, unscripted and socially simple.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

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Market Me Social – A Family Affair

Let’s have some fun! Jonathan was brave enough to let his sister put him in the proverbial hot seat! Many of you probably don’t know this, but Jonathan and I have worked off and on together for the better part of 25 years (I officially feel old), and we recently joined forces again.

I have always looked up to him as a brother and probably played a few more pranks than I should have. Family ties aside, I genuinely prize the education and professional support he has taught me over the years. He has been an integral part of why my business, among others, has succeeded and why when he asked me to join his team, I didn’t hesitate for a second. 

What Drives Jonathan as a Marketing Educator

I am happy that he agreed to do this episode. I wanted to highlight what makes Jonathan tick and share with everyone a little peek into where he got started and his goals for the future.

Jonathan got started in digital media marketing in its infancy stages. He saw its value and began educating himself in the developing social media and web-based marketing platforms.

He took his traditional business management and marketing background and began the transition to keep in step with emerging marketing best practices and technology. You could say he dove into the deep end and came out with experience and extensive knowledge stores.

He then funneled his expertise into training workshops and speaking seminars all over the country. Along the way, he met many industry professionals that helped him to continue to grow and define his marketing belief system.

There are many schools of thought regarding how to use digital media and build an effective marketing campaign. Jonathan believes that these tools should be used to share a company’s story, values, and how they or their products can fill a need. That type of value-driven marketing has a lasting effect and builds long-term relationships between a company and its clients.

Being Social Simple Helps Clients

Some are under the impression that you will need to reinvent the wheel if your company is going to dive into digital media marketing. Jonathan believes in a more straightforward approach. Use what you have. You don’t need to create something new if your company already has a great culture and resources to offer. You just need to take them from offline to online. This approach builds trust and saves clients time and money.

Teachable Marketing Moments

Six years and counting, through all the ups and downs, he still loves it. Everyone has Ahah and oh #^@! moments. Marketing is dynamic, so being able to adapt quickly or make adjustments is a necessary skill set. Jonathan’s advice is to acknowledge your screw-ups and be ready to learn.

When I asked Jonathan what his biggest challenge has been, his answer surprised me. “My biggest challenge is finding the time to build and do for Market Me Social what I have done for so many of my clients.” I could resonate with that comment in my own business or, as Jonathan’s wife Renée put it, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” That is a challenge that, as he said, he is now taking the time to tackle as he loves educating people.

Moving forward, Jonathan’s (and his team’s) goal is to engage with our community. Celebrate your successes or be of help if you are struggling or have questions; be it one-on-one advice or through platforms like this. Jonathan closed off the episode by stating this: “this show is for you, for every one of you who are listening, and we want your feedback!” So please reach out, and let’s start a conversation.

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