Lessons From A Shuffle

Lessons From A Shuffle

My mother-in-law asked me about whether or not she should keep her iPod Shuffle. I totally forgot they even existed. Of course in my brain, there was a little customer connection lesson to be learned.

My brain went down the path about why this little device became so popular which lends itself to this question. What exactly was popular? The device or the hours of music that became instantly available with a quick sync to your iTunes account?

This little piece of disruptive technology was part of a major segway for how we consume what all of us have a passion for for…our music. For the most part, this little device has waned in popularity in part because of other methods of delivering music through an app on your phone.

So what was more popular? The ability to have a connection to more of the music you love or the device that delivered it?

The answers to those questions should help provide a basis for how you decide to deploy technology solutions. Are you focused on the tech or are you focused on the people? Is there a passion connection? Will it connect you with your customers on a deeper level?

Just a social simple thought for the day.