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I Don’t Have Time For This Social Media Thing!

So you are a small business owner who wears many hats. You know you need a social media content strategy.  You have noticed the world at large using social media and you are wondering how in the world I can make time for something like this.  This is a common challenge that many businesses have so remember that you are not alone.  I will be honest and upfront that until you are actually “IN” the space you will not be able to understand how to manage your time.  I am going to highlight some tips on how I optimize my time.

Never Be Random

You have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram account. You may be feeling the pressure to post just for the sake of posting.  Please STOP!  When you approach anything randomly it will come across as…well…random.  There is no rule that dictates that you MUST post just for the sake of posting.  This can actually turn into a waste of time since you are posting just because you feel you need to and their is not a clear path for deliverables.

Make A Plan

Your social media content strategy should have a plan.  What kind of content are you posting?  Are they blog articles? Images? Videos?  How often are you going to post? What time of day will you be posting?  These are just a small taste of the kind of questions that will help save you time overall.  Every week we meet and talk about all of our clients and what their expectations are for the coming business week.  We know exactly how many posts need to go out and when.  BOOM.  DONE. Check that off of the list.

Review and Adjust

In order to optimize your time spent on social media content strategy you need to take a step back once in a while and analyze your approach.  Review insights gathered from your various social platforms.  What is your overall reach?  Are people engaging your content? Are they sharing it.  I am not a proponent of trying to achieve viral numbers.  For most businesses this is beyond reasonable expectations.  Remember that one is better than none.  But that also means that 10 is better 1.  The main point: Keep moving the needle.  Never settle. Ask your clients directly how you can improve your social media content.  That feedback is invaluable and will help you save a ton of time in the long run.

Use Posting Software

We use Buffer for our clients.  It helps us work on our content in one session for any given client and platform.  We then have a predetermined schedule for that content to be delivered. DONE!  What you don’t want to do is to be jumping all over the place in your day just for the sake of posting content.  Your heart will not be in it.  You will not be smiling.  You will rush it.  All of those negative components will come across in your delivery which will lead to lower engagement.  More time has now been wasted.

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Social Media Content Strategy – Summary

Overall you can see the importance of tackling your social media content strategy like you would any other business process.  Organized.  Informed.  Prepared.  Education is also a critical element.  We spend a great deal of time each week keeping up with industry trends and technology shifts.  This is a must if you want to continue to be relevant. Keep these items in mind and you will have great success with your social media content strategy.

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